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I lived with Dan for 43 days when he had an apartment in Costa Rica. He's a good professional copywriter and he learned some things in Costa Rica that hardly any other copywriter knows about. He's got my seal of approval.

Gary Halbert - Described as one of the best and highest paid copywriters in the world. He wrote the enormously successful and famous "Coat of Arms" direct mail sales letter, mailed over 600 million times.

His newsletter is outstanding. He's a very smart copywriter. Tracks all the way back to Halbert, as do I. There's almost a ghost of Halbert sense to his stuff.

Dan Kennedy - Speaking at his "Mailbox Millions" seminar

We put into place the things we learned from Dan's mastermind and the result was adding 'rocket fuel' to our growth rate. In fact, in 2013 our little company was named the 304th fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine. Our business grew over 1,400% and we credit Dan and our mastermind partners for helping us break through to the next level of growth.

Allen & Erin Baler - Reboot Marketing LLC